Pet Portraits for Everyone are what the name implies: affordable digital artworks, painted by hand from favourite photographs of your beloved pets and animal companions. These are not produced by some technological trickery. Each portrait takes several hours to paint, using actual brushes with magnetised carbon filaments on iPad.

“If you asked a paintbrush on a table to paint a Picasso, you wouldn’t get very far, because a paintbrush has no brain and no talent,” says Andrew Hinkinson, the artist. “An iPad is just a tool, like brushes and pencils are tools. A computing device has no intelligence. It cannot think for itself or make creative decisions based not on logic but imagination and intuition. We take things like paintbrushes and pencils for granted but they are just as amazing as the iPad in demonstrating the brilliant ingenuity and creativity of humanity. A digital artist is an artist like any other.”

Angela's Hens
Angela’s Hens

Pet Portraits for Everyone are painted by Andrew Hinkinson, who also has a one-man publishing, copywriting and editorial consultancy business. Andrew has written a non-fiction bestselling title, Chickens As Pets – Your Definitive Guide to Keeping Pet Chickens.

Andrew lives in the Yorkshire Dales, England. He has kept many pets and continues to do so: an assortment including cats, terrapins (turtles), bantam and full-size chickens. As far back as he can remember, Andrew has loved animals of all kinds. His dream is to one day be able to run a livestock sanctuary and educational farm. Right now, though, he is pleased to be making clients happy when they commission paintings from him at very affordable prices.

“The buzz I get when someone is overjoyed to see their pet photo transformed into a work of art is absolutely worth all the effort I put in,” Andrew says. “Not everyone can say their work makes them happy and even fewer can say it makes other people happy too. I consider myself very lucky to be able to pour passion and creative energy into each and every one of these paintings.”

Andrew looks forward to painting YOUR pet, wherever you are in the world. Order yours today!